What Are Strengths?

We have many words for our weaknesses, but limited language devoted to our strengths. Gallup Corp has researched excellence and identified 34 groupings (themes) of talent that are present in successful people. These talent teams can be identified by taking a simple inexpensive assessment called the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0. It will rank you on 34 talent themes which are the natural thoughts, feelings and behaviors you have that you can use productively. When you invest in them with education, skill or focus, they become strengths. Using your strengths release your super power.

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Coaching for Teams

Help your team learn to use their strengths positively. We all like to believe that we are similar to those around us. Others should react to given stimuli in the same way that we do. If they don't, we may assume they are somehow trying to thwart us. This is a major fallacy. Others react to given stimuli differently not due to negative intent, but because they are wired differently. The differences in how we are neurologically wired causes the differences in our thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Coaching for Partners

Whether you are business or life partners, gain a better understanding of your mutual strengths. There are many reasons that brought you together, but which you may not be able to put into descriptive words. There are many ways that you and your partner differ that make you the perfect complement to each other, or drive you to insanity.

Identify and put words to your partner's special talents using simple descriptive language. Understand your own particular talents. While habits may change, certain innate patterns of thought, feeling or behavior may not. Strengths Coaching will explain the difference and help you use this knowledge to strengthen your relationship.

Here's What Our Clients Say

  • Samsung Austin Semiconductor

    “Carol guided our team through the StrenghsFinders process with a powerful combination of grace and precision. Not only did we gain helpful insights regarding ourselves as individuals, but more importantly, we were able to better understand our unique team dynamic”

    Catherine Q. Morse
    General Counsel and Senior Director of Public Affairs
    Samsung Austin Semiconductor, LLC

    United Way of Greater Austin

    “”I’ve taken many personality tests over the years and this one is the most helpful I’ve experienced. It leads and informs from your innate strengths with a depth that is insightful and practical. Carol Johnson is the perfect facilitator for this, using her own strengths to guide a deep understanding of the results.”

    David C. Smith
    Chief Executive Officer
    United Way For Greater Austin

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