What Are Strengths?

We have many words for our weaknesses, but limited language devoted to our strengths. Gallup Corp has researched excellence and identified 34 groupings (themes) of talent that are present in successful people. These talent teams can be identified by taking a simple inexpensive assessment called the Clifton StrengthsFinder 2.0. It will rank you on 34 talent themes which are the natural thoughts, feelings and behaviors you have that you can use productively. When you invest in them with education, skill or focus, they become strengths. Using your strengths release your super power.

Why do Strengths Matter?

Talents have an automatic aspect that cannot be fought. Talents make you feel good; they make you feel super! You will easily learn the knowledge and skills that go hand in hand with a certain talent you posses because you already have the aptitude. When you utilize your talents to carry out a task, you will experience an enormous sense of satisfaction, and before you know it you have completed the task. All people have talents, but they may not always be that obvious. It is like the bridge of your nose; it is so close that you can′t see it yourself. StrengthsFinder® is a process to discover your own talents. It starts with a highly reliable test.